Peer support promotes everyday coping

Peer support is the willingness of people in a similar life situation to share experiences and knowledge in an atmosphere of respect. Meeting people with similar experiences can be a source of hope in difficult times, and shared experiences can increase mutual understanding. Peer support is the best way for people to discover and identify their personal resources and strengths and to take responsibility for their own lives.

Peer support helps you see that you are not alone in your situation. On the other hand, exchanging experiences and ideas also reveals the uniqueness and diversity of each situation. The great thing about talking to people in the same situation is that you don't have to explain your condition and symptoms to them - they will understand your situation immediately. Peers may also be at different stages of an illness or syndrome and thus able to give you a new perspective on your situation.

Through peer support, participants will gain information and practical tips related to their situation, and this will help them to cope better in everyday life. Peer support makes life more meaningful and gives the peers something to do together and new friends.